OCAD University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2015

Exhibition History

2018   SIMMERIII, 165 Geary Ave., Toronto, Ontario

2017   Wonder Women, Algonquin Theatre, Huntsville, Ontario

2016   Goods and Services, New York, New York

2016   It’s All Me, The Other Side Gallery, Huntsville, Ontario

2016   EyeSpy, 892 Lorimer St, New York, New York

2016   BUILT,House Show, Toronto

2016   HangIn There Baby, OCADU Student Gallery, Toronto

2016   SpringVitality, G8 Summit Centre, Huntsville, Ontario

2016   Site-specific installation, Pamenar , Toronto

2015   Out ofThis World, G8 Summit Centre, Huntsville, Ontario

2015   Plutocrat,The Other Side Gallery, Huntsville, Ontario

2015   LilPink Photo Op, Xpace Window Space, Toronto

2015    Site-specific installation, The Beverley Hotel, Toronto

2015    GirlGerms, Xpace Gallery, Toronto

2015    100th Graduate Exhibition, 100 McCaul, Toronto

2015    Aries 27˚, 416 Gallery, Toronto

2015   The Big Draw, 100 McCaul, Toronto

2014   OCAD Popped, 49 McCaul, Toronto

2014   Festival of the Body, 100 McCaul, Toronto

2013   The Figure Show, 100 McCaul, Toronto


August 2015 Artscape GibraltarPoint Xpace Summer Residency


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